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An Island of Endless Possibilities

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a true tropical paradise. The perfect place to live, work, invest and relax. The island encapsulates a safe destination for entrepreneurs, retirees, families or any individual with or without children. A remarkable destination to call home for those with a discerning taste. Here are some useful details about Mauritius:
  • A population estimated at about 1,3 million.
  • Mauritius has a convenient time zone for doing business (GMT +4).
  • Striking vibrancy, with rich history and an enduring diverse culture coming mainly from Africa, India, China and Europe.
  • Perfect for year-round living. Dry and pleasant winters from May to October and warm and humid summers from November to April.
  • English & French as major languages, while Kreol is the native tongue.
  • Well-established network of private international schools, from kindergartens to universities, with educational programmes in both English and French.
  • For medical assistance or general health issues, C-Care is the Mauritian private healthcare group with all facilities.
  • Easy access to local banks (MCB, SBM, MauBank, Afrasia) and international banks (Absa, HSBC, Baroda Bank, SBI)
  • The local unit currency is the Mauritian Rupee. US dollars, Euros, YEN, RAND, Swiss Francs, GBP can be exchanged
  • Visitors coming to Mauritius must present a valid passport for at least six months from the date of their travel. The requirements for Visa while entering the island vary from country to country.