Cap Malheureux

The Picturesque Fishing Village

Cap Malheureux is a small fishing village with a population of approximately 6000 inhabitants. In 1744, there were numerous shipwrecks on the reefs of this coast resulting in the name of this enchanting spot. In 1810, in order to end the raids on the British fleets by the privateers, the British took over the island from the French.
Built in 1938, the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel in front of the bay, is an iconic sight of Cap Malheureux. This famous, red-roofed church offers a breathtaking view of the Coin de Mire, only a few kilometers north from the mainland, in front of a small sandy beach, where the fishermen pull in their boats.
Today, the fishing village is perfectly surrounded with various shops within walking distance. There is also a large choice of water sports, including swimming and boating.
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